Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome Home, Rashcoe Jenkins

I know this is kind of late. If you follow me on Twitter, you know my reasons.

I wanted put this up while I was still under the influence (@DeeNLen suggested this).

As expected, (According to my sources) The Rasho Nesterovic deal done:

The veteran centre, who spent two seasons with the Raptors before being traded to Indiana a year ago, has agreed in principle to a one-year deal worth about $1.9 million (all figures US), the so-called biannual exception to the NBA’s salary cap.


I know Rasho isn’t Dwight Howard, but he is a serviceable back up! He is familiar with the team and management, and he brings ‘offence’ and defence to the court. He, IMO, is a much better choice than Patrick O’Bryant. He rebounds more and doesn’t stick outside. He knows where he belongs on this team.

Another good thing is, this is a ONE year deal. In case his age is more then just a number, we won’t be committed to him next season.

Welcome Home, Rasho! (I almost said Roscoe Jenkins!!)

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Allan said...

Yeah did you know Rasho kept his house here in toronto while he was playing in Indiana?

I bet he knew he was coming back. lol. Or maybe he just loves toronto that


Raps are gonna kill it this season!!!